The simplest, easiest, most effective way to capture and share presentations. September 2014

Click Wheel

Click Wheel

An Android music player that operates like an old-school click wheel iPod. March 2012

Magic Sketch

Magic Sketch

Everyone's favorite retro toy translated to app perfection! November 2015


Video Scrubber for Instagram

A Chrome extension to be able to scrub through videos on Instagram. ~300 users as of September 2017 June 2017

Table Capture

A Chrome extension for copying html tables to the clipboard or creating Google documents from them. 60K users as of September 2017 January 2010

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Table to excel

A Chrome extension for saving HTML tables as Excel files. September 2017


Ask questions. Get answers. In a human, natural way - with your voice. July 2015

Cookie Killer for Facebook

A Chrome extension to delete Facebook cookies when you log out so that you aren't tracked as you traverse the web! June 2010

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