Table Capture: Test Tables
Below are a number of simple HTML tables to test the Table Capture (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox) extension with.
To test these extensions with massive tables, try the large tables test page.
A table with a header and a lovely cocktail of elements. It includes: blank rows, hidden cell text, links, currency values, col-and row-spans, images, form elements and more!
# First Name Last Name Username Birthplace Salary (Invisible Column Text Hidden By CSS) Icon Delta Date/Time
Russell (Invisible Russ Cell Text) Westbrook @russwest44 Long Beach, California $85.70 Presentious logo 5% Thursday 04:40 AM
Steph Curry @stephencurry30 Akron, Ohio -$550.50 Prompt logo 4% Thursday 04:40 AM
LeBron James @kingjames AUD 76.09 Goalboard logo 3% Thursday 04:40 AM
Kawhi Leonard Wikipedia Los Angeles, California -3,000,000¥ BoomChing logo 2% Thursday 04:40 AM
Pelé Wikipedia Minas Gerais, Brazil R$21.00 Table Capture logo 1% Thursday 04:40 AM
Paweł Pawlikowski Wikipedia Warsaw, Poland 0,0193 React logo 0% Thursday 04:40 AM
A table that's constantly growing. When it hits 16 rows, rows start being pruned. This is useful for testing capturing dynamic tables.

# Name Random Number Color
1 1-Row-Name -- --
2 2-Row-Name -- --
A popout test. For when no Chrome Extension buttons are available. Right click the table!
Click to pop open this test page in a new window.
DIV-based tables: The below table isn't actually using a <table> HTML tag. It looks like a table though. The Table Capture Workshop can deal with these: Just select some text in the table, right-click and launch the Table Capture Workshop.
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Row 1, Col 1
Row 1, Col 2* Link
Row 1, Col 3
Row 1, Col 4
Row 2, Col 1
Row 2, Col 2
Row 2, Col 3
Row 2, Col 4
Row 3, Col 1
Row 3, Col 2: Hello, List, World
Row 3, Col 3
"Row 3, Col 4 - Preceding double quote
Below is just a list of elements. The Table Capture Workshop can deal with these.
  • Item #1

    Some text, possibly a description or a link

  • Item #2

    More text and a link

  • Item #3

    Just one link.

A table with a bunch of nasty edge cases: Form elements, asymmetrical rows/cols, plus signed values to trigger potential parse errors, a very large numeric cell value
Column One Column Two Column Three
"Preceding double quotes shouldn't break Google Content With Link
What about trailing quotes?" Preceding text should be extracted. Checkbox =
Dropdown form elements should be extracted: 10911163363018061219
Alpha +1.0 thing -2 things
Beta Value: -0.5 units
Epsilon +5.0 Review -2 Review