Test Table Capture & Table to Excel
Below are a number of simple HTML tables to test the Table Capture and Table to Excel extensions with.

To test these extensions with massive tables, try the large tables test page.

A basic table with a header and text contents.
# First Name Last Name Username Salary (Invisible Column Text Hidden By CSS)
1 Mark (Invisible Mark Cell Text) Otto @mdo $1,250.00
2 Jacob Thornton @fat -$550.50
3 Larry the Bird @twitter -3,000,000¥
4 Jacob Tremblay @JacobTremblay AUD 76.09
A table with row and col spans.
First Name Last Name Country
Madonna USA
Frank Ocean
Sufjan Stevens
Pele Brazil
A1 B123 C1
A23 C2
X123 Y1 Z1
Y23 Z2
Not a table. Looks like one though. Table Capture Pro can deal with these.

This is a table that has been constructed using <div> tags and CSS.

Just select some text in the first element and open the extension.

Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Row 1, Col 1
Row 1, Col 2* Link
Row 1, Col 3
Row 1, Col 4
Row 2, Col 1
Row 2, Col 2
Row 2, Col 3
Row 2, Col 4
Row 3, Col 1
Row 3, Col 2: Hello, List, World
Row 3, Col 3
"Row 3, Col 4 - Preceding double quote
Also not a table. It's a list. Table Capture Pro can deal with these.

Just select some text in the first element and open the extension.

  • Item #1

    Some text, possibly a description or a link

  • Item #2

    More text and a link

  • Item #3

    Just one link.

A small table with HTML contents.
#1 #2 Checkbox column
A 1
B Content With Link
C 3 Also this checkbox =
Selects should extract value
"Preceding double quotes shouldn't break Google George "G-Money" Mike What about trailing quotes?"
Asymmetric table with plus signed values to trigger potential parse errors. Also, a very large numeric cell value.
Alpha +1 thing -2 things
Beta +2.0
Delta Value: -0.5 units
Epsilon +5.0 Review
Upsilon 10911163363018061219
A basic table with amazing basketball players.
# Name Team Highlight
2 Kawi Leonard San Antonio Spurs v. Rockets
30 Steph Curry Golden State Warriors v. Nuggets
11 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 37 Point 3rd Quarter
00 Enes Kanter Portland Trail Blazers v. Thunder
A popout test. For when no Chrome Extension buttons are available. Right click the table!
Click to pop open this test page in a new window.
A table with formatting and images.
# Name Icon PNL
R1 Presentious Presentious logo $100.00
R2 Prompt by Presentious Prompt logo -$100.00
R3 Table to Excel Table to Excel logo $250.50
R4 Table to Excel Table to Excel logo -$50.05
A table that's constantly growing. When it hits 8 rows, the first rows start being pruned. This is useful for testing table recording.

# Name Random Number
1 1-Row-Name --
2 2-Row-Name --
Table with blank rows. For Robin.
# Name Goosebumper
2 Kawhi Leonard v. Philly, 2019
0 Damian Lillard v. Oklahoma City, 2019
23 Lebron James v. Toronto, 2018